Nainital- City of lake

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Local Attraction : 

St. John in the Wilderness church was founded by Daniel Wilson in 1844. It is located at
Mallital about one km away from the Naina Devi temple. Daniel Wilson, the Bishop of Calcutta,
came here to establish the church. But he fell ill and had to stay in an incomplete house close to a forest. Hence, the church came to be known as the St. John in the Wilderness. The church serves as a memorial for the victims of the landslide of 1880. 

Governor’s House or Raj Bhavan was constructed in 1899 by the British Ruler. It was designed
in the Victorian Gothic domestic style by the architect Stevens. It was used as the summer
residence of the British Governor. Now it is the official guest house for the governor of the state
Uttarakhand. The complex consists of a two-storied mansion with 113 rooms, a large garden, a
swimming pool, and golf links.

Cave gardens are a natural park, connected with rocky caves and hanging gardens. There are
six caves, which provide the perfect sport for adventurous people. Getting in and out of these caves is no easy job. The caves somehow connect the town life with the natural life. When you begin going into the first cave, you are in a town, but when you go out of the last cave, you are in a beautiful hilltop, from where you can enjoy the view of nature.

Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo is a high altitude (6901 feet) zoo located at Sher Ka Danda hill
in Nainital, Uttarakhand. This zoo was established in 1984 and opened to public in 1995. It
covers an area of 4.6 hectares. It houses various animals like Kaleej Phesant, Siberian Tiger,
Snow Leopard, Goat Antelope-Ghooral and Serao etc. 

There have some more interesting tour spots in and around Nainital like The Jim Corbett
National Park
, Mukteshwar, Bhimtal Lake, Sattal, Gurney House, Hanumangarhi, Pangot, Laria
Kanta and Sukhatal

Snow View Point
Snow View is situated at an altitude of 7448 feet and located atop the Sher-ka-danda Ridge. It is
about 3 km away from Nainital and easily accessible by Rope Way. Snow View point provides
you an enchanting view of Nainital and 350 km long range of the Glittering Mighty Himalayas.
Charges for ropeway are Rs. 150 per adult and Rs. 75 per child. The best times to visiting here is
start from late October and continue to end of November.

Naini or China Peak is the highest in Nainital with an elevation of 8578 feet. It is located about 6.1 km away from Mallital Town. You will get not only a bird eye view on the top of the peak but you also see a broad swath of the snow clad high Himalaya and a panoramic view of Nainital town itself.

Tiffin Top Nainital Nainital has plenty of landmarks that can charm anyone, and one such famous attraction is Tiffin Top, commonly called Dorthy’s Seat. Located at an altitude of 2290 above the sea level at Ayarpatta Hill, the tiffin top is a terraced hilltop that provides magnificent 360 ° view of the Nainital city. Dorthy's seat, which is a stone bench, was built by British Army Officer Col J.P. Kellet in the memory of his wife, Dorthy Kallet, who died in a plane crash. For gorgeous
Himalayan scenery, it’s hard to beat Tiffin Top. On a regular day, people are often seen here
enjoy their lunch, that’s the reason its known as tiffin top. For adventurers, a trip to Tiffin top is
the must to experience the wild zip swings and trekking. 

Khurpatal lake is one such body which plays an essential role in supplying water
tothe town. These lakes make sure that residents can drink safe water and never fall
short of it. There are hills and tall trees surrounding the lake which makes the
location look more beautiful. 
Location: It is located in the Khurpatal town of Nainital. The place is just at a distance
of 10 km from Nainital. 


NAUKUCHIA TAAL or ‘lake of nine corners’, a small hill station in Nainital district is surrounded by hills
covered in trees and shrubs. The Naukuchiatal Lake is the deepest of all the lakes in the
Nainital region. The valley offers an opportunity of bird watching along with the tempting
challenges like paragliding, rowing, paddling or yachting.
Nainital or Naini Lake is placed at the heart of the hill station. It is a eye-shaped lake
attracts thousands of tourists round the year. You can hire a boat to enjoy the surrounding
beauty of the lake. The northern side of the lake is known as Mallital, while the southern
side is known as Tallital. There have a Bridge over the lake which connects the two banks
of the lake.

Naini Devi Temple is placed by the north bank of Nainital Lake. This temple is dedicated
to Mata Naina Debi represented by two eyes. You will found some more temples like
goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha around the Naina Devi Temple. It is believed that the time
of Mahatandab of lord Shiva, the eyes (Naina) of the Goddess Sati are assumed to have
fallen here.

Hanuman Garhi, a famous Hindu temple of Lord Hanuman, is situated to the south of Tallital,
approximately 3.5 km away from the Nainital bus stop. The temple is perched at an altitude of 6,401 feet from the sea level. It was built by Neem Karoli Baba, a famous local saint, around 1950. The presiding deity of Hanuman Garhi is Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Rama, who is depicted in the image as opening his chest and revealing the images of Lord Ram and Sita Mata in his heart. Other than having religious significance, Hanuman Garhi temple is also famous for its strategic location. It is situated at such a height and at such a site, from where the sunrises and sunsets are artistically visible.

People who visit Nainital do not miss the opportunity of watching the mesmerizing view of sunset that one can get from this place. Hanuman Garhi is a must visit for people with a religious bent of mind. On the other side of the hill housing the temple are Shitala Devi temple and Ashram of Lila Sah Bapu.

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